Lee Sportsmen's Association

Youth Archery
If you’re 6 years old you’re ready

Youth are taught the fundamentals from target shooting to 3D archery on the Indoor Archery Range at Lee Sportsmen’s Association. The program is led by certified USA Archery Instructors who have been CORI checked and all share a love for the sport.

We provide equipment for new archers, or you can bring your own. Youth are taught the fundamentals – from target shooting to 3D archery. LSA has an indoor range along with outdoor bulls, and a target course through the woods. Contact LSA Youth Programs Co-Chair Stephanie DuPont at youth@leesportsmen.com or call/text (215) 668-7808 for more information.

When we started the Youth Archery Program, we were thrilled to see how much our students learned and how well their skills progressed. Very quickly, the program multiplied in registration. So much, that we needed to offer our 2022 class as 3 sessions.

What’s the secret to that success? We’re still not entirely sure, but look at all these faces. The future looks pretty bright!

2019 & 2020
Youth Archery Programs

Cost and Commitment

Registration: Cost is $40 per participant, registration required
Includes: Archery range usage, bows, arrows, targets, water, and t-shirts for new students
Weekly Time: Youth Archery Program: 1 hr. training, 10 Saturdays (January to March); Youth Target Archery Program: 2 hrs. training, 8 Saturdays (August to September)

Coaching Staff

Charles Minkoff
USA Archery Level 2 Instructor
Brian DuBois
USA Archery Level 1 Instructor
Eric DuPont
USA Archery Level 1 Instructor
Doug Frank
USA Archery Level 1 Instructor