Lee Sportsmen's Association

Class Request

We can’t think of everything, and that’s why we need you

If you have a class you’d like us to offer, let us know. As you can see from our calendar there’s a lot going on a LSA, and we like it that way. But that doesn’t mean we’ve done it all. We offer classes at low costs with excellent instruction and we’re always looking for instructors to join us.

Instructors Register a Class

So let us know. We’ll find the right instructors, block off time, and the range or meeting place. And, of course, get the word out. Share your ideas with your tribe and that will help increase the interest level.

It starts with you…

Make Way for Teach

Whether you have students, or simply an idea, let’s get’s started. 

1. First things first, you must Register your Class

Let’s be clear, you can not show up on a range, classroom or represent LSA offsite (hunts/shoots) without registering.

Why do we have this policy?  Simply, it is for everyone’s safety and we must maintain those standards. There are forms that need to be signed, approvals that need to be made, and scheduling that needs to take place.

2. All instruction at LSA must be approved by the Board of Directors (BOD)

All classes and teaching at LSA must be approved by the Board of Directors (BOD). We make sure that you have appropriate credentials and insurance (if applicable). These requirements vary by what you are teaching. The appropriateness of your class to the mission and goals of LSA will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

3. Work with the BOD to create an affordable class and serves the LSA (present and future)

When you teach a class using our facilities, it causes wear and tear on our equipment, facilities, and ranges. We request a 20% donation, calculated towards fees for any class held at our facilities

4. Timing is everything

Not just time of year but also slating in with our current events. Classes on ranges open to the public should not interfere with public hours without BOD approval.