Lee Sportsmen's Association

LSA Higher Education Scholarship 2023

LSA Youth Programs would like to congratulate Brianna Kelly on receiving the 2022 LSA Higher Education Scholarship, and wish her much luck in her future endeavors! 

LSA Youth Programs is proud to present the Higher Education Scholarship to graduating high school seniors!  In years past, $300 was awarded for each approved applicant; however, beginning with the Class of 2019, LSA Youth Programs Committee increased this amount to $500 per recipient!  This is a one-time award to youth who have been members of LSA for at least two years, and have participated in youth activities offered at LSA for at least one season, such as youth teams (LSA Buckshots, High Caliber, Air2Spare, or archery) or youth hunts. It is offered to students that are accepted into some type of higher education institution, such as 4 year college, 2 year college, trade school, technical school, or prep school. Good Luck to the Class of 2023! The available dollar amount and number of scholarships will be determined annually by the amount of funds available in the LSA Youth Programs account.

Please CLICK HERE for details on how to apply for 2023