Air2Spare Jr. Air Pistol Team

Shooting is my Olympic Sport!  Air pistol is a great way to enter the shooting sports:  No recoil or noise allows us to train for sign alignment and trigger control, the two elements that effect all shooting platforms.  We train athletes based on a National Program called PPP (Progressive Position Pistol under USA Shooting and the NRA); it lets youth (as young as 7 years old) enter the field of Olympic-style air pistol shooting two-handed benched supported up to age 13, then move to standing supported one-handed up to age 15, and finally to one-handed non-supported.

There are several locations that hold registered air pistol competitions, Woburn, MA and Manchester, CT are just two examples.  We also compete in Postal Matches held by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and we would like to co-host local matches with Berkshire Bullseye, another youth air pistol team located in Berkshire County, North Adams.  Our season runs mid-fall through late spring, and you can continue through the summer as there are numerous regional and national matches offered across the country.  Please check the Calendar for practice schedules.  Contact Coaches Eric and Stephanie DuPont at or call/text (215) 668-7808 for more information, to join, or volunteer.

Cost and Commitment:

Registration:   LSA Jr. Membership ($10)
Weekly Cost:   $2 Range fee
Weekly Time:   1.5-2 hrs. training, day/time & sessions TBD
Competitions:   In-house to begin
Rewards:   Priceless!

Coaches: Eric and Stephanie DuPont, NRA credentialed Pistol Coaches Level I and RSOs & Lena DuPont, NRA credentialed Jr. Pistol Coach Level I and RSO

Upcoming Events:  

  • Air2Spare Jr. Air Pistol Team Begins Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 @ 10am
    Air2Spare Jr. Air Pistol Team practices/trainings will begin Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 at 10am at the Indoor Archery Range located upstairs in the Main Clubhouse, and will occur weekly on Saturdays for 10 weeks until June 11th, 2022 (off May 28th for Memorial Day weekend).  Session 1 is 10am-11:30am & Session 2 is 11:30am-1pm.  Registration for both Sessions 1 & 2 is closed as of 4/5/22, please email to be added to the Wait List.  Please keep in mind this is a preliminary schedule as we would like to accommodate for as many to participate as possible, so dates and times are subject to change upon parent and coach consensus.  Registration forms can be located by clicking here (please complete and bring with you to first practice): 2022 Air2Spare Registration Packet  Please contact Coach Stephanie DuPont at or call/text (215) 668-7808 with any further questions or concerns.