Outdoor Pistol Range

Welcome to the Outdoor Pistol Range!

Hours:  The Outdoor Pistol Range consists of three shooting bays that are 22 yards each.  They are open from 9:00am to 1/2 hour after sunset every day, unless an event is scheduled or pre-approval from the Board of Directors has been received (see Calendar for range closure information).  For the current sunrise/sunset chart, click here and enter the Lee zip code 01238.

  • The Outdoor Pistol Range is open to Members (who have successfully completed Orientation) & their guests 9am to dusk, Monday – Friday, Range Fee: $3 Member / $7 Guest/Non-Member, unless an event is scheduled. Deposit range fees into the box provided and sign into the Range Log Book.  Paper targets only.  Please check the Calendar for range closures and all events.
  • This is your range, please keep it clean! Please do not leave paper targets on stands, dispose of them properly in the provided trash receptacles or take them with you.
  • During Shotgun Fields public hours or events as posted to the Club Calendar, the Outdoor Pistol Range is CLOSED by order of the BOD.

Standard Operating Procedures:  Please click here to view the Standard Operating Procedures for the Outdoor Pistol Range: LSA Outdoor Pistol Range SOP


USPSA begins at time TBD, safety briefing for all shooters at time TBD.  Cost: $20.  Cold Range Rules apply; gun handling only at Safety Table.  5 magazines are required.  USPSA is a fun and fast action shooting sport where we balance accuracy, power, and speed into a winning combination.  Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, or even partially covered targets, obstacles, movement, and other techniques are all used to keep USPSA shooters challenged and spectators engaged.  USPSA matches are held all over the US with local clubs holding matches virtually every day of the week.  You probably already own everything you need to compete in USPSA – come on out and give it a try!  2021 Dates: April 11, May 2, June 6, July 11, August 8, September 5, October 3, and November 14

Steel Challenge is here and includes .22LR rifle.  It is .22 & PCC friendly; pistols or long semi-auto (any caliber except .357 or 44 mag.).  Stages are set up based on official steel challenge designs.  Registration 10:30am, Safety briefing 11am, Begins at 12pm, 6 stages.  Cost: $20 for 1st gun, $10 for 2nd gun.  5 MAGAZINES OR SPEED LOADER REQUIRED.  Here is a Steel Challenge video.  2021 Dates: April 18, May 9, June 13, July 18, August 15, September 12, October 10

Thursday Night Steel Fun Shoots begin at 6pm, with a safety briefing for all shooters at 5:45pm.  Cost: $10 for first gun, $5 for second gun.  Cold Range Rules apply; gun handling only at Safety Table.  5 MAGAZINES REQUIRED.  2021 Dates: May 6, May 20, June 10, June 17, July 8, July 22, August 12, and August 26

Back by popular demand for 2021!  Ladies Night Fun Shoots begin at 6pm, with a safety briefing for all shooters at 5:45pm.  NEW or inexperienced female shooters welcome!  No gun/equipment, no problem!  We can provide safety equipment, firearms, limited ammo, and instruction.  Focus is on shooting fundamentals and having safe fun.  Cost: TBD.  Cold Range Rules apply; gun handling only at Safety Table.  For those with their own equipment: 5 magazines are recommended.  2021 Dates: May 11, June 15, July 13, and August 17

Other Outdoor Pistol Events include Outlaw Steel  Cost: $20  Start: 12pm  on April 25, May 16, June 20, August 22, September 19, October 17, and SUPER OUTLAW STEEL Event on November 7; 2-Gun  Cost: $25  Start: 12pm on July 25;  For more information on these events, required equipment, and costs please contact Outdoor Pistol Chairman Shawn Sullivan at outdoorpistol@leesportsmen.com or (413) 281-8651.

Contact:  outdoorpistol@leesportsmen.com / Shawn Sullivan & Ted Piontek, Outdoor Pistol Co-Chairmen

Traveling from out of state? Download this LSA NRA Special Tournament Document  Good luck to all competitors!