Indoor Pistol Range

Welcome to the Indoor Pistol Range!

Range Orientation Sessions must be attended before you can use the Indoor Pistol Range.  These sessions are held at the Main Clubhouse.  Please check our Calendar for dates and sign up information.

Location:  Downstairs of the Main Clubhouse.


Requirements:  You are required to possess a current Massachusetts FID or LTC to shoot on the range, or be under the direct supervision of a Member who has such a license and has attended orientation.

Hours This facility is open to members and their guests from 7:45am to 9:45pm (please make sure to leave the Clubhouse before 10pm, when the alarm sets itself), 7 days a week, unless the Calendar on this website states it is closed for an event.  Please note the Indoor Pistol Range is CLOSED at some times for the following:

  • The Indoor Pistol Range will be CLOSED on the following dates and times for training courses: Saturday, June 18th from 8am to 5pm & Saturday, July 23rd from 8am to 2pm

Cost:  $3 per member, $7 per non-member.  Deposit range fees into the mailbox provided.  You must sign in the Range Log Book, located on the counter in the far left hand side of the squad room (there is a pull-chain light overhead).

Indoor Pistol Range:  We have eight 50-foot lanes, each equipped with an auto retrieval target system.  The lights over the shooting area and at the 50’ backstop can be adjusted from individual shooting ports.  There are three down range exhaust fans and a vacuum system in front of the shooting line.  The squad room allows for range monitoring through large windows.

Standard Operating Procedures: Please click here to view the Standard Operating Procedures of the Indoor Pistol Range: LSA Indoor Pistol Range SOP

Targets:  There are Club provided paper targets and we ask that you please put at least 10 shots on each, or bring your own paper targets.

Firearms Allowed:  Only the following calibers and firearms are allowed on the range or in the squad room:

  • All pistols/handguns chambered for calibers up to .44 magnum are allowed
  • Rifles or T/C Contenders (or other pistol/rifle combos) chambered for .22 long rifle only are allowed
  • All air rifles and air pistols are allowed
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine use is not permitted
  • Shotgun use is not permitted
  • No .17 HMR or .22 magnum

Competitions We host an LSA Pistol Team that shoots in the Berkshire County Pistol League (NRA Conventional Bullseye Pistol).  Our team competes against four other county teams for the Berkshire County Title, and the right to defend it at the Massachusetts State Level.  We welcome new shooters!  There is also a Junior Pistol team that starts in the fall, and an in-house league that begins in January.

Upcoming Events:  

  • To be announced

Contact: or call/text (267) 974-0044 / Eric DuPont, Chairman Indoor Pistol

*Indoor Pistol Range Locker Use & Rental*

Dear Members,

The lockers have been moved to their new home on the Indoor Pistol Range and we are ready to accept requests for locker use as of January 27, 2022.  The locker use policy is:

  • There are 22 lockers available for use on a first come, first serve basis at the discretion of the Indoor Pistol Chairman.
  • To request use of a locker, please contact Indoor Pistol Chairman, Eric DuPont, at or call (267) 974-0044.
  • Life Members locker rental fee is FREE for each Membership year (January 1st through December 31st).
  • Members for 2022 locker rental fee is $50 for the remainder of the current Membership year (through December 31st, 2022).
  • Members for 2023 and beyond locker rental fee is $60 for each Membership year (January 1st through December 31st).
  • Senior Members will pay half price of the Member pricing listed above ($25 for the remainder of the current 2022 Membership year, and $30 each year beginning 2023 and beyond).
  • No discounts or refunds will be given for partial year use.
  • Lockers can be shared by multiple occupants, if all occupants agree, and total rental fee can be split evenly between the number of occupants or however the occupants wish.
  • Instructions to complete payment will be provided once locker has been assigned.
  • Only equipment is to be stored in the lockers, NO FIREARMS!
  • Locker occupants are required to provide their own combination lock, and they must provide the combination to the Indoor Pistol Chairman to maintain use of the locker.
  • Lee Sportsmen’s Association is not responsible for items left/stored on our property, and we reserve the right to inspect lockers at any time.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Indoor Pistol Chairman, Eric DuPont, at or call/text (267) 974-0044.

See you on the range soon,
Eric DuPont
Lee Sportsmen’s Association
Member, LSA Board of Directors (Term exp. 2022)
Chairman, Indoor Pistol Range