Lee Sportsmen's Association

Youth Programs


LSA Youth Programs is committed to developing accomplished shooters, archers, and hunters/anglers from the school-age group through college levels.

Our goal is to create an exciting and safe environment that not only provides teaching, training, and motivation of youth athletes, but also cultivates a lifelong enjoyment of the shooting sports and the outdoors through a high quality, instructional, and competitive shooting sports experience to children and young adults in Berkshire County and the surrounding areas. Our coaches will endeavor to instill in every team member an exceptional work ethic, strong sense of self, the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as personal achievement on and off the range.

LSA provides several opportunities for youth athletes to become involved in the shooting sports. These include Jr. teams for Shotgun, Bullseye Pistol, and Air Pistol, as well as Archery and Hunting programs. Fishing derbies are also held periodically on the LSA grounds for all youth under age 14. We have supportive, trained, and credentialed volunteer coaches who teach life-long skills, such as goal setting, leadership, teamwork, self confidence, and above all else: Safety! We encourage youth athletes to create their own goals; whether they just want to come and have fun, learn a new skill, or train for a spot on the US Olympic team – any goal is possible! Many State and National organizations along with Colleges and Universities offer shooting sports scholarships, and many that do not offer scholarships still host recreational shooting teams.

Protecting our youth athletes is ALL of our responsibility, as coaches, volunteers, and parents/guardians.  CORI checks will only be conducted as authorized by the DCJIS and MGL c. 6, §.172, and only after a CORI Acknowledgement Form has been completed.  Lee Sportsmen’s Association is committed to safeguarding all of its members with the welfare of its youth athlete members as top priority.  USA Shooting follows Safe Sport, a comprehensive abuse program that provides tools for Clubs to educate their members and intervene in risky situations.  We fully endorse and support USA Shooting’s Safe Sport and other Safety programs by helping provide these resources for our members:

If you see any of our volunteers or coaches, please thank them for supporting our future!  They spend countless hours supporting our programs and youth athletes, fostering a lifelong enjoyment and involvement in the shooting sports.  You can help, too!  We always need volunteers and LSA Youth Programs Committee members to help with practices, matches, fundraising, and other club events (CORI checks will be done).  The LSA Youth Programs Committee aids the Club by providing policy, procedures, training, coach credentialing information, accountability, and oversight, as well as supports fundraising and assists teams as needed.  Contact LSA Youth Programs Co-Chairs Stephanie and Eric DuPont at youth@leesportsmen.com or call/text (215) 668-7808 if interested.

Upcoming Events

Young Guns – FREE Youth MA Basic Pistol Course – Saturday, October 22nd @ 9am
Start your child on the right path with professional firearms safety instruction! LSA Youth Programs and the LSA Board of Directors, together with NRA Instructor Rob McDermott are proud to sponsor a FREE Youth Massachusetts Pistol License Course (LTC-020), which qualifies youth for both an FID or LTC (contact your local licensing authority/agency for age requirements), on Saturday, October 22nd. The course will take about 5 hours, beginning at 9am in the Main Clubhouse. Light breakfast refreshments, snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided (please inform us if your child has any dietary restrictions upon registration). Live fire is included on the Indoor Pistol Range. There is no minimum age requirement, participants should be under age 21.  Registration is required by October 15th, contact LSA Youth Programs Co-Chair Stephanie DuPont at youth@leesportsmen.com or call/text (215) 668-7808 to register; please include child’s full name with middle initial, date of birth, and address, and also include parent/guardian’s phone number and email. For questions or more information about the course program, please contact Rob McDermott at robmcdermott@verizon.net.
Interested in learning more about Jr. Pistol shooting at LSA? This is a great opportunity for learning the basics of safe pistol handling and shooting, and is recommended for those interested in participating in the Jr. Pistol programs (High Caliber & Air2Spare) at LSA.