Concealed Carry Two Day Course – Saturday, October 23rd & Sunday, October 24th @ 9am-5pm

October 11, 2021

Two full days of concealed carry pistol training with Derek Hubbell of Civilian Survival School at the LSA Rifle Range on Saturday, October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th at 9am-5pm both days.  Saturday, we will be covering Concealment, which is a fundamentals class, including all the basics of concealed carry concepts and techniques.  A great starting point for beginners but is adaptive to your personal skill level.  And on Sunday, we will be covering Deadly Encounter, which is a class that uses advanced pistol techniques in a concealed carry setting, adding in trauma care, understanding cover and concealment, stress inoculation, and ending the day with scenario training.  Singular days cost $225 each, and a bundle package for both days costs $400.  LSA Members use discount code “LEECLUB” for a savings at check out.  For more information on these courses, required equipment, and to register for these events, please visit: Concealed Carry Two Day Course at LSA

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