Annual Meeting and Elections – Wednesday, November 3rd @ 7pm

October 11, 2021

In accordance with the LSA Bylaws, the Annual Meeting and Elections will take place Wednesday, November 3rd at 7pm in the Main Clubhouse.  Attendance at the Annual Meeting is restricted to those Members with voting rights.  The election of Club Officers and two (2) Directors will take place at this time by secret ballot.  Officers and Directors will assume office on January 1st, 2021; Officers will serve a one (1) year term, and two (2) Director positions will serve each a four (4) year term.  Current candidates and the positions they are running for include:


Doug Frank (incumbent)

Vice President:

George Brooks (incumbent)


John Polastri (incumbent)


Patrick Consolati (incumbent)

Director (4 yr.term):

Mark Barrette (incumbent)

Director (4 yr. term):

Karl Hines (incumbent)

Director (4 yr. term):

Daniel Hassett (candidate)

Director (4 yr. term):

Jordon Peck (candidate)

Any other qualified Members wishing to fill a position must be done so by write-in to be elected, as candidates were nominated and announced at the October Members Meeting in accordance with the Bylaws.

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