NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Course – Saturday, August 14th @ 9am

April 26, 2021

NRA Range Safety Officer Training (RSO) – The minimum age to become a credentialed NRA RSO is 21, and you must provide a valid and current NRA membership number on the day of the course, or it will hold up submission of a training report until received.  After the instructor submits the training report, applicants will be able to complete the credentialing process online at

The Cost of this course is $75 per person (please see note below), and the Cost of a 2-year credential for NRA members is $35 & $60 for non-NRA members.  If you are not already an NRA member and would like to become one prior to taking this course, it is recommended you call the NRA rather than join online.  If participants do not have a valid NRA number in time for this course, it will complicate the credentialing process.  NRA members will use their membership number to create an account to complete the credentialing process online at  Non-members will receive an email with a number to use.  

The NRA server retains old membership information, so NRA Training does not send a non-member number to former members to use to establish an account on  The system assumes the former member will use their former membership number, and most people don’t remember that number.  This has been an issue in the past, and you will have to contact someone at NRA Training or the instructor of the NRA RSO course so that the NRA can override the system in this case.

Registration is required – Please contact Robert McDermott by July 24th for questions, concerns, and registration at (413) 441-4582 or / Click here for the registration form: August 14, 2021 RSO Course Registration Form

The first 10 active LSA Members to register for this course and agree to actively participate as an RSO at the Club in some capacity (i.e., for any event/match held on LSA property where RSOs are needed, during youth training or events/matches or during a busy weekend on any of our ranges) will have the cost of the course covered by LSA (the member is only required to pay for the cost of credentialing through the website and will need to provide a copy of their credential certificate or card to the Club to keep on file).

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