Calling all interested Buckshots, Parents, Volunteers & Coaches!

April 1, 2021

A note from Buckshots Coach Karl Hines:


Wow, it’s been too long!  I hope everybody is well!  We have started discussions about getting the Buckshots Jr. Shotgun Team back up and running.  Lee Sportsmen’s Association is committed to having a competitive SCTP shotgun team even though the last year has set us back.  A lot!  Are you interested in joining, shooting, and competing as a team member?  Or are you interested in coaching or volunteering to assist the team in any way?  We will talk about commitment to practice and competitive events later.  After the events of the past year, I think people are ready to get back to their lives and this is a great time for us to recruit new athletes, coaches, and volunteers to grow our team.  Please email if you are interested, and we will send you more information.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Coach Karl

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